Monday, 16 February 2015

New Arrival: Lauden Chocolate

Here at Bird's Yard we love our food and are always on the lookout for local producers to fill our shelves and treat our customers. Bird's latest find is Lauden Chocolates who are based in Leeds (where Bird's Yard started) and we've brought them to Sheffield to share them with you too.

Lauden Chocolate Bird's Yard Sheffield
Lauden Chocolate - photo from their website

The winner of numerous Great Taste Awards, Lauden Chocolates make fine chocolates in a range of delicious flavours. They wanted, as chocolate consumers, to find "chocolate with character, depth and lasting taste" and when they couldn't find what they wanted, decided to create their own. The result is a range of mouth watering flavours encased in the finest chocolate - and we tried them as soon as we got our hands on them, just to confirm we'd got the best for you!

Lauden Chocolate Bird's Yard Sheffield
Box of 20 Lauden Chocolates - photo from their website

As well as the amazing flavours, the chocolates look irresistible too, like little works of art. They're presented in clear boxes so you can see the colours and patterns that make them so special. We have boxes of 5 (£5); 12 (£10) and 20 (£15) on our shelves which contain combinations of their 12 core flavours (taken from their website):

Single origin
64% cocoa bean from a single estate in
Madagascar. The connoisseur’s choice: a delicious, robust dark chocolate ganache centre with unique nutty and mildly acidic red fruit characteristics

Fresh mint
Made using only real mint leaves for a full, invigorating flavour. Perfect for an unforgettable after-dinner experience.

The perfect marriage of voluptuous white chocolate with the zingy acidity of pure lemon and its zest – particularly popular with those who enjoy more savoury flavours.

Blackcurrant & Redcurrant
A delicious combination of fresh blackcurrants and redcurrants with seductive dark chocolate – heaven for berry lovers.

Marc de champagne
An indulgent classic made with real Marc de Champagne to avoid the chemical aftertaste of artificial flavourings.

Salted caramel
Fleur de sel from the French ocean brings to life the sweetness of the homemade caramel, surrounded by dark chocolate.

Passion Fruit
100% real passion fruit combined with chocolate for a clean, tangy, juicy and exotic taste. Tastes just like eating a fresh passion fruit, with chocolate for double the pleasure.

Sharp lime is the perfect complement to dark chocolate – fresh, tangy and full of that distinctive lime taste.

Sour cherry
It took us over a year to find the perfect Bohemian sour cherries, which we combine with dark chocolate to create a unique taste experience. A real treat.

Lychee & Rose
East meets West in this aromatic and luxurious blend of sweetness and floral notes - the delicate flavours of lychee and the finest organic rose oil are a beautiful combination.

Raspberry & Rose
The taste of an English summer – real raspberries enhance the delicate taste of organic rose oil beautifully. A pure, fragrant pleasure.

Mediterranean Orange
A Mediterranean orange grove in miniature. Whole organic oranges including peel are used to create the chocolate centre. Juicy and refreshing.

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