Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Inspiration: 1970s

1970s style has been making a comeback lately in fashion and homewares - think rich earthy colours such as burnt orange, sunflower yellow, chocolate brown, deep red; bold patterns and lux fabrics.

We love the colour palette and optimistic feel of the decade, these are some inspirations we've found that we love...

1970s style inspirations

And here are some ways our designers, makers, artists and vintage sellers have incorporated it into Bird's Yard....

  • Bird Shell's vintage clothing (which you can find in Birds and Beards) includes lots of 1970s pieces
  • Finding Foreverness uses the popular dreamcatcher motif in their necklace design
  • Shadow Crafts' leather earrings have a boho feel in 70s colours and create a statement
  • Galabeer and the Dog have a range of vintage pieces including jewellery
  • Chalk's jewellery has the neutral wood look popular in the 1970s
  • Melodies jewellery incorporates lots of vinyl

1970s at Bird's Yard, Sheffield

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