Monday, 16 March 2015

New and exclusive from Our Tiny Bees...

Our Tiny Bees are one of our most popular brands here at Bird's Yard. They make a range of skincare and candles made with all natural ingredients and plenty of British honey and beeswax which is great for your skin as well as the bees and the environment.

Our Tiny Bees

This weekend they brought us 7 new products - and Bird's Yard is the first place to sell them (We love an exclusive!) So if you want to find...

Citrus Hand Balm
Citrus Body Butter
Citrus candle
Citrus Bath Melt
Weird Balm
Lavender Bath Melt
Lavender Body Butter

...head down to us as we're the only shop you'll find them in.

Our Tiny Bees Citrus Hand Balm

 The Citrus Hand Balm contains lots of lovely moisturising ingredients
including beeswax, almond oil and coconut oil along with a blend 
of citrus oils. 

Our Tiny Bees Body Butter

The Citrus Body Butter contain lots of easily absorbed and 
intensively moisturising ingredients along with citrus
oils including lime, lemon, bergamot and sweet orange. 

The Lavender Body Butter is just as kind to your skin but 
with the scent of lavender (strangely enough!)
Our Tiny Bees Weird Balm

The Weird Balm has been getting people intrigued. Why's it weird?
Because it's green, has an old fashioned medicine aroma and packs
lots of ultra effective oils into a little tin.
Our Tiny Bees candles in Bird's Yard

The Citrus candle has joined the other beautiful aromas in the line
up of candles in the shop. It includes a range of uplifting citrusy scents such
as lime and sweet orange.

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