Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Meet Shadow Crafts...

Handmade in Sheffield, Shadow Crafts' simple and stylish accessories are always popular with our customers. With a repertoire including leather jewellery, bags and the ancient skill of tatting, Sarah Marshall's work provides style, colour and texture for a multitude of tastes. Here we find out a little more about her influences and why she loves selling with Bird's Yard....

Leather jewellery made in Sheffield by Shadow Crafts
Some of Shadow Crafts' leather jewellery available in Bird's Yard


What inspired your jewellery and accessories?

Being inspired by a love of natural materials and fabrics, I make many items such as leather jewellery, purses and bracelets. The unique character and texture of each hide means no two pieces are the same. I am constantly finding new ideas for products as leather is such a versatile medium. I learnt my trade from my father who has been a leather worker for years making accessories for his passion; archery. I remember, from growing up, the lovely smell of leather from his work room. 

I also make jewellery from pure natural threads using an old technique called tatting. I have always loved to knit and crochet and tatting is a very similar craft to learn. I love the delicate designs it creates.

Why did you choose to sell your work in Bird's Yard?

I came across Bird's Yard when I was looking for new job and maybe a way to turn my making into a business. At that time I was just crafting for fun, selling a few items here and there. I approached Michelle (the owner) at Bird's Yard and started selling my items in a small display box. 

The reasonable rates were the deciding factor for me as other shops with a similar set up were only renting out larger areas which seemed too much of a gamble for me starting out. I have since moved on from the small box and now have two shelves and I am selling a wider variety of items. I have Michelle, and a lot of the other designers, to thank for much of my success as they have given me invaluable tips, feedback and advice that has enabled me to progress and improve my display and items.

Tatted jewellery by Shadow Crafts
Tatted jewellery handmade in Sheffield by Shadow Crafts

How has selling in Bird's Yard helped you?

Working in the shop has helped me gain an insight into customers' views and opinions which is helpful when planning future product ideas. For example I am working on some new items that customers and other designers have suggested. I have been working on larger, more demanding projects like leather tote bags, handbags and journals. 

Shadow Crafts leather accessories in Bird's Yard
Leather accessories handmade by Shadow Crafts


Whose work do you admire most in the shop?

There are lots of great designers in Bird's Yard. I love the semi precious stone jewellery from You Earth Ash, the fused glass jewellery from Claudia Latini and the silver jewellery from Shapeshifter Designs. 

You Earth Ash jewellery - one of Sarah's favourites in Bird's Yard

You can find a range of Sarah's designs in Bird's Yard as well as being able to enquire about custom pieces.

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  1. I just love the look and the soft leather is so comfortable to wear. Best of luck for the future!