Thursday, 16 April 2015

Meet Vagrant Art...

Vagrant Art's work is exclusive to Bird's Yard in Sheffield. The brand is based in Scunthorpe where owner Kevin Pearson hand-makes a range of jewellery and other pieces using repurposed materials. Here we find out a little about why he brought his work to our shop...

Vagrant Art coin jewellery

What inspires your work?

My work is driven by a passion for questioning what we define as waste with much of my inspiration coming from early morning skip raids. Most of my pieces in Bird's Yard are made from scrap coins and I love to imagine where they might have been, whose hands they might have passed through and what they might have bought. I sometimes create imaginary journeys about what the coins might have seen in their lifetimes. 

Vagrant Art, Bird's Yard Sheffield
Some of Vagrant Art's pieces in Bird's Yard

Why do you sell your work at Bird's Yard?

I usually trade at music festivals and artist markets, but Bird's Yard is something a bit special; a collective of makers where the place buzzes with energy and creativity and I always leave with a head full of new ideas that keeps me awake. 

Kevin of Vagrant Art working on his repurposed pieces

Which other designers' work do you admire in Bird's Yard?

I particularly like the other repurposing work, whether it's bits of musical instruments (Melodies Jewellery and Character Shop), old maps (Pink Flamingo and Life's Big Canvas) or bits of wire, there are some great imaginations at work. 

How does interacting with customers in the shop help your work?

The customers are a great bunch too and I owe them credit for several new ideas. I'm currently working on plectrums from old pennies, the prototype is out gigging at the moment and they should be in the shop in the coming weeks.

Coin plectrums by Vagrant Art
Old penny plectrums which will be coming to Bird's Yard soon.

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