Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Ways To Use: Drawer Knobs

We love drawer knobs (as you can probably tell if you've been in the shop and seen how many we have!). They're great for adding some interest or updating a piece of furniture quickly and easily. But they're useful in other decorative ways around the house too. Here are some we found to give you inspiration...

Sass and Belle drawer knobs in Bird's Yard
Just a small selection of the drawer knobs we have in Bird's Yard

Some alternative uses for drawer knobs...

Uses for drawer knobs

Drawer knob alternative uses

1. Attach to a crate or pieces of wood to create a jewellery organiser. Great for hanging necklaces to stop them getting tangled. We found this one at Stephanie Dee Blog

2. Use a larger drawer knob instead of a curtain tie back. We found this idea at Apartment Therapy

3. Screw drawer knobs into walls to hang light weight pictures from. We found this idea at Pottery Barn

4. Use them on the lids of jars to make fancy handles. We found this idea at Deco Art Blog

5. Attach a range of drawer knobs to peg board to create a coat and accessories rack for a hallway. We found this idea on Pinterest

6. Add them to the end of a curtain rod for a decorative touch. We found this one at In My Own Style

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